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MPs support Rajapaksa protest at parliament
[ Monday, 20 April 2015, 06:50.38 AM ] []
A group of Parliamentarians on Monday (20) staged a protest inside the chambers in Parliament against the decision to summon former President Mahinda Rajapaksa to the Bribery Commission. [More]
Important News
Opposition MPs stay at parliament ! continues protest at night
[ 2015-04-21 02:31:58 ] []
Group of opposition parliamentarians stayed at the parliament last night and continued their protest on demanding to call off Bribery Commission investigations against former president Mahinda Rajapaksa. [More]
Petition against Mahinda's summon signed by 60 UPFA MP's Submitted to the President
[ 2015-04-20 11:12:05 ] []
A petition, against the summoning of former president Mahinda Rajapaksa by the Bribery commission, was handed over to President Maithripala Sirisena in Parliament a short while ago. [More]
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Bambalapitiya murder - Relatives refused accept woman's body
[ 2015-04-21 02:52:31 ] []
The post-mortem examination into the body that was discovered at a storage facility in a leading school in Colombo 4 was carried out on Monday April 20. [More]
Basil returns home today ! Welcome by Prasana Ranathunga
[ 2015-04-21 02:41:57 ]
The former minister of economic development Basil Rajapaksa will be returning back to country today and he would be welcomed by the Western Provincial Council Chief Minister Prasanna Ranathunga. He will also request the former minister to join hands with SriLanka Freedom Party. [More]
Joseph Perera to contest in upcoming parliamentary election
[ Monday, 20 April 2015, 04:23.41 PM ]
Minister Joseph Perera says that he will contest in the upcoming general election. [More]
Speaker summoned Bribery Commissioner
[ Monday, 20 April 2015, 03:57.16 PM ]
The Director General (DG) of the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption Ms. Dilrukshi Dias Wickramasinghe has been asked to be present at the Parliament by the Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa a short while ago. [More]
Landslide warning issued to 6 six districts
[ Monday, 20 April 2015, 03:21.12 PM ]
A landslide warning has been issued by the Disaster Management Centre (DMC) this afternoon for six districts for the next 24 hours due to heavy rains. [More]
Sri Lanka will not be a transshipment location for transnational drug trafficking
[ Monday, 20 April 2015, 02:48.13 PM ]
Dr. Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe, PC, Minister of Justice representing Sri Lanka attended the High Level Event on Countering Narcotics Trafficking on the High Seas in the Indian Ocean under the Global Maritime Crime Programme Event and delivered a keynote address while Yuri Fedotov, Executive Director of the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crimes chaired the conference. [More]
SLFP to oppose 19A as it does not include electoral reforms
[ Monday, 20 April 2015, 02:42.26 PM ]
The Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) will not extend its support to pass the draft bill on the 19th Amendment as it does not include the electoral reforms, Opposition Leader Nimal Siripala Desilva said. [More]
President MS visits parliament
[ Monday, 20 April 2015, 02:38.40 PM ]
President Maithripala Sirisena visited parliament around 3.30 pm today. [More]
The Court Allowed To Investigate Bank Accounts of Gamini Senarath
[ Monday, 20 April 2015, 11:32.26 AM ]
The Colombo Chief Magistrate has permitted the CID to investigate the bank accounts of former President’s Chief of Staff Gamini Senarath and 9 others including four companies owned by them. [More]
Basil Rajapaksa is Going to Participate in Tomorrow's Parliamentary Session
[ Monday, 20 April 2015, 10:35.14 AM ]
The Former Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa stated that he will return to Sri Lanka on Tuesday the 21st of April and is planning to attend the parliamentary session on the same day. [More]
Mahinda Decided to Ignore The Bribery Commission's Summon
[ Monday, 20 April 2015, 10:22.39 AM ]
Mahinda's spokesman Rohan Weliwita said today,"The Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa is unlikely to report to the Bribery Commission though it had summoned him to appear before the Bribery Commission on 24th of April". [More]
‘Upcoming election not under new system’
[ Monday, 20 April 2015, 09:34.17 AM ]
DPF leader Mano Ganeshan says the president has given a promise to introduce a new electoral system only, and that nowhere has he promised to hold the upcoming general election under a new system. [More]
Peacock palace owner reporting missing
[ Monday, 20 April 2015, 09:28.43 AM ]
Sri Lanka Labour Party Leader A.S.P. Liyanage has gone missing, a source close to the former government said. [More]
Lovers jumped off from the Diyaluma Waterfall
[ Monday, 20 April 2015, 09:22.53 AM ] []
An 17-year-old girl and her boy friend had reportedly jumped off from the Diyaluma Waterfall in Koslanda this afternoon in a suicide attempt and the bodies of the couple were found a short while ago, police said. [More]
Landslide at Haldummulla, Badhulla
[ Monday, 20 April 2015, 08:36.59 AM ] []
A five-acre rubber land had been destroyed in a landslide reported in Damminiyathenna, Haldummulla this morning, the Disaster Management Centre (DMC) said. [More]
Chandrika should stop the political revenge : National Bhikku Front
[ Monday, 20 April 2015, 08:27.12 AM ]
National Bhikku Front says people of this country have casted their votes towards president Maithripala Sirisena and not to former president Chandrika Kumaratunga. [More]
I Was Not Involved In Any Financial Scandals : Basil Rajapaksa
[ Monday, 20 April 2015, 07:55.59 AM ]
The former Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa has said that he was not at all involved in any financial scams. [More]
CPI passes resolution on urging to solve Lankan Tamils problems
[ Monday, 20 April 2015, 07:49.31 AM ]
The 21st Congress of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) on Sunday (19) noted that six years after the end of the civil war, the problems of Sri Lankan Tamils have not been resolved in any meaningful manner and called for the withdrawal of wartime deployment Armed Forces from Tamil Provinces. [More]
19th Amendment Will Be Submitted Even If the SLFP Doesn't Support It
[ Monday, 20 April 2015, 07:01.23 AM ]
It has been decided that even if the Sri Lanka Freedom Party does not support the 19th Amendment of the Constitution, even then it will be submitted at the Parliament tomorrow. [More]
Who will be the next Asgiriya chapter ?
[ Monday, 20 April 2015, 06:40.33 AM ]
Final decision on next Asgiriya chapter will be decide on 8th of May. [More]
Maitri’s Government is a Threat to the National Security : Mahinda
[ Monday, 20 April 2015, 05:51.51 AM ]
The former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has said that at present the greatest threat to the national security has been in existence. [More]
Mother and daughter killed in Kotmale
[ Monday, 20 April 2015, 05:29.08 AM ]
Youth from Poonduloya,Kotmale has stabbed his mother at sister by using harmful weapon this morning. [More]
I had no secret accounts in any foreign bank, says Rajapaksa
[ Sunday, 19 April 2015, 09:09.23 AM ]
Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Sunday (19) dismissed allegations that him, his wife or sons of maintaining any illegal or secret offshore accounts in foreign banks. [More]
Basil's journey from Minneapolis to Colombo
[ Sunday, 19 April 2015, 04:27.53 AM ]
Former Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa who made a dramatic exit to America in the immediate aftermath of the Presidential election on 8 January with his wife from Colombo via Dubai to New York is set to return to Colombo on Tuesday (21) from Minneapolis International Airport on board a Sun Country domestic flight SY 247 to the John F.Kennedy Airport at 16:30 hours 19 April. [More]
Kerry’s Lanka visit being finalized
[ Sunday, 19 April 2015, 04:08.11 AM ]
The schedule for the visit by US Secretary of State John Kerry to Sri Lanka is being finalized, Foreign Ministry and US Embassy sources said. [More]
Susil Premajayantha Refused To Pay Mahinda's Helicopter Bills
[ Saturday, 18 April 2015, 12:07.03 PM ]
The United People's Freedom Alliance Party's General Secretary Susil Premajayantha says, "Air Force helicopters were not used for the election campaign of the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. [More]
Mahinda and all MPs will join SLFP On May Day rally : John Seneviratne
[ Saturday, 18 April 2015, 08:46.04 AM ]
The Former President Mahinda and all MPs will join the SLFP May Day rally - says John Seneviratne. [More]
CBK and MS to decide on MPs not to be given nominations
[ Saturday, 18 April 2015, 07:32.56 AM ]
Former President and Advisor to the SLFP, Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge has proposed that about 36 MPs of the UPFA not be given nominations to contest at the next general election. [More]
Sri Lankan Woman To Contest For The British Parliamentary Election
[ Saturday, 18 April 2015, 06:39.28 AM ] []
A Sri Lankan Woman, who has been one of the leading Britain’s politicians, is going to contest for the upcoming British Parliamentary Election, which is going to be held in the month of May. [More]
Mahinda to contest in the parliamentary election
[ Friday, 17 April 2015, 11:53.23 AM ]
Former president of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa is planning to stand in parliamentary polls to launch an attempt to return to power, aides have said. [More]
(2nd Lead)
Wigneswaran urges SL State to respect international principle on resettlement
[ Monday, 23 March 2015, 04:45.51 PM ] []
“Unless Grama Sevaka Divisions 244 and 252 are released in full as promised earlier, what has been gingerly granted today would hardly be of any use to the few families now selected to enter their erstwhile denied lands,” Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran said in his address at Vazhalaay during the visit by SL President, Prime Minister and former President Chandrika Kumaratunga. [More]
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