Important News
Mawai says Tamils support lead us for 60 years of successful journey !
[ Friday, 09 October 2015, 04:55.32 AM ] []
For the past 60 years Illankai Tamil Arasu Kadchchie and its back bone Tamil National Alliance continuously raises voice for the political rights of Tamils in SriLanka. [More]
Important News
Sambanthan urges to release political prisoners
[ 2015-10-09 07:19:15 ]
Tamil National Alliance leader R.Sambanthan yesterday called upon the parliament to release all political prisoners in SriLanka. [More]
President presents Distinguished Service Decorations
[ 2015-10-09 05:24:43 ] []
President Maithripala Sirisena offered “Vishishta Seva Vibhushanaya (Distinguished Service Decoration)” medals to the senior officers in the Army, Navy and Air-Force today (Oct. 08) at the Presidential Secretariat. [More]
Latest News
Avant-Garde agrees to pay Rs. 9100 million to Rakna Lanka
[ 2015-10-09 09:23:51 ]
Avant-Garde Security Services Ltd. agreed to pay Rs. 9100 million within next 10 months, to Rakna Arakshaka Lanka, for the service the company obtained, Accountant of Rakna Arakshaka Lanka Prasad Indika informed the Presidential Commission of Inquiry yesterday (18). [More]
Rs 3,138 billion estimated govt expenditure for 2016
[ 2015-10-09 09:19:09 ]
The Appropriation Bill for the Budget - 2016 has been approved by the Cabinet of Ministers and it is scheduled to be tabled in Parliament on October 23 (First reading), the Ministry of Finance said. [More]
CC meeting today
[ Friday, 09 October 2015, 08:45.57 AM ]
Constitutional Council (CC)headed by Karu Jayasuriya meet up at parliament today to appoint officials to nine independent commissions. [More]
Sri Lankan Navy officers meet Jawaharlal Nehru University faculties
[ Friday, 09 October 2015, 08:26.28 AM ] []
The Sri Lankan Navy, which has been sending its personnel for training in Indian defence establishments, has discussed with faculty of the New Delhi-based Jawaharlal Nehru University, the issue of conferring B.Tech degree on its technical officers. [More]
Rakna Arakshaka Lanka agrees to receive Rs.9100 million from Avant-Garde
[ Friday, 09 October 2015, 08:03.44 AM ] []
The Avant-Garde agrees To Pay Rs. 9100 Million To Rakna Lanka. [More]
At Chunnakam, 14 persons connected with various crimes has been Arrested
[ Friday, 09 October 2015, 07:32.46 AM ]
The Chunnakam police, when they were doing their Patrolling on day before yesterday, arrested 14 persons, who were considered to be connected with various crimes in the Chunnakam area. [More]
Kondaya brother held in a special hall at the Negombo prison !
[ Friday, 09 October 2015, 07:24.54 AM ]
According to the Negombo Prison administrative reports, Kondaya brother, Saman Jayalath has been arrested for the murder of a five year old girl child Seya Sadewmi from Kotadeniyawa. [More]
Woman’s body found in Grandpass
[ Friday, 09 October 2015, 05:13.29 AM ]
The body of a 60-year-old woman had been found from a canal near the Baseline Road in Grandpass this afternoon, Police said. [More]
Wild Life Department officials chases away elephants from Wellaveli area
[ Friday, 09 October 2015, 05:08.58 AM ] []
Wild Life Department officials have taken steps to chase away wild elephants from the Wellaveli area and Poratheevupatru in Batticaloa district towards Habaraduwa forest. [More]
Committee appointed to revise Port City project
[ Friday, 09 October 2015, 05:01.49 AM ]
The government, determined to go ahead with the controversial Colombo Port City Project has appointed a ten-member committee of officials to review the tripartite agreement with necessary amendments the government intends to bring soon. [More]
Ekneligoda detained at Giritale camp : CID
[ Friday, 09 October 2015, 03:53.31 AM ]
CID officials today announced, prior to the disappearance former journalist Prageeth Ekneligoda was detained at the Giritale army camp. [More]
Gautam Buddha's ashes to travel from Sri Lanka to Maharashtra
[ Friday, 09 October 2015, 03:49.13 AM ]
Presenting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the people of Maharashtra, especially the Buddhists, Gautam Buddha's ashes will be being brought to India next week for a 10-day trip of Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh. [More]
Increase retirement age to 65 years : Harsha de Silva
[ Friday, 09 October 2015, 03:40.32 AM ]
The retirement age should be increased to 65 years, Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Dr.Harsha de Silva said. [More]
DEW Gunasekara to visit Geneva
[ Friday, 09 October 2015, 03:37.02 AM ]
Supreme Court today dismissed Fundamental Rights petition filed by Communist party General Secretary DEW Gunasekara against nominating lost candidates at UPFA National List MPs. [More]
Why didn't you arrest Lalith Weeratunga : Colombo Magistrate
[ Friday, 09 October 2015, 03:27.06 AM ]
The Colombo magistrate’s court has issued summons to the OIC of the FCID to explain as to why former secretary to the president Lalith Weeratunga and ex-director general of the TRC Anusha Pelpita had not been arrested and produced before courts before action was filed against them in the high court. [More]
Gotabaya questioned for 3 hrs!
[ Friday, 09 October 2015, 03:16.44 AM ]
Presidential commission set upped at the BMICH to investigate on major corruptions reported during the previous regime questioned former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa for three hours yesterday. [More]
Chinese delegates met president Sirisena
[ Friday, 09 October 2015, 03:09.30 AM ] []
A Chinese delegation headed by Chinese Vice Foreign Minister called on President Maithripala Sirisena today (Oct. 08) at the Presidential Secretariat. [More]
EU to release report on Lankan general election
[ Friday, 09 October 2015, 02:53.52 AM ]
The European Union Election Observation Mission to Sri Lanka will present its final report on the Parliamentary Elections held in August, on Saturday October 17, the EU said. [More]
Supreme Court dismisses DEW Gunasekara's FR petition against UPFA national list
[ Thursday, 08 October 2015, 03:22.34 PM ]
Supreme Court today dismissed the Fundamental Rights petition filed by Communist party General Secretary DEW Gunasekara, against nominating lost candidates at UPFA National List MPs. [More]
SriLanka state intelligence unit killed Raviraj and Ekneligoda
[ Thursday, 08 October 2015, 03:01.50 PM ]
State intelligence unit officials have killed parliamentarian Nadaraja Raviraj and the journalist Prageeth Ekneligoda, Investigation report confirms. [More]
Presidential Commission sittings at North
[ Thursday, 08 October 2015, 12:45.24 PM ]
Presidential Commission appointed to carry out investigations on disappeared personals during the time of war between LTTE movement in SriLanka currently hold their sittings at Jaffna. Former Chief Justice Maxwell Paranagama serves as president of this commission. [More]
Seya Sadewmi’s father to undergo DNA test
[ Thursday, 08 October 2015, 12:18.32 PM ]
Minuwangoda Magistrate's Court on Thursday (08) has allowed the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to carry out a DNA test on the father of Seya Sadewmi. [More]
Rajapaksa members hides 11 containers of gold and money under sea
[ Thursday, 08 October 2015, 12:13.01 PM ]
Bribery Commission believes during the last perhaps of Rajapaksa regime they would have hide 11 containers which contains gold and money under sea, Sinhala newspaper reports . [More]
Two Girls from different areas, kidnapped & sexually Abused
[ Thursday, 08 October 2015, 11:27.16 AM ]
According to the reports, Two girls have been abducted in two separate incidents during the 24 hours ending at 6:00 am today. [More]
Investigation commenced on the captured Ship carrying Weapons
[ Thursday, 08 October 2015, 09:36.15 AM ]
The Sri Lankan Navy Investigates on the Ship, which Carrying Weapons Seized Off at Galle. Sri Lankan Navy has launched an investigation into a ship carrying weapons seized on Tuesday, off the coast of Galle. [More]
CID to question young woman maintained close ties with Thajudeen
[ Thursday, 08 October 2015, 04:40.14 AM ]
CID officers to question young woman maintained close ties withv murdered ruggerite Wasim Thajudeen, reports say. [More]
PM promised to grant political solution
[ Thursday, 08 October 2015, 03:15.45 AM ]
We have already started informal discussions with the Tamil National Alliance and other parties on a political solution. The language and ethnicity issues, which dominated the country over five decades [More]
Hybrid court system in an insult to local judicial system : Namal
[ Thursday, 08 October 2015, 02:53.38 AM ]
UPFA Hambantota District MP Namal Rajapaksa said that bringing a 'hybrid court' to investigate alleged war crimes is an insult to the judicial system in the country when it has the knowledge and capacity to address the issues. [More]
My goal is to become a Lecturer : Harini Paranthaman-First rank student of Vavuniya
[ Wednesday, 07 October 2015, 12:23.21 PM ] []
At the Scholarship Examination by Securing 188 points, staging in the first place, Harini Paranthaman, student from the Vavuniya District says that, her aim is to become a Lecturer. [More]
Meeting between Sri Lankan Prime Minister & Emperor of Japan
[ Wednesday, 07 October 2015, 07:33.39 AM ] []
The Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe met with Japanese Emperor Akihito at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo today. [More]
US slams human rights violations in SriLanka
[ Friday, 26 June 2015, 08:03.21 AM ]
Several human rights violations had taken place last year in Sri Lanka , according to the annual human rights report of the US State Department released yesterday (Thursday). [More]
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