Hashan Tilakaratne supports president Rajapaksa
[ Thursday, 11 December 2014, 04:38.18 PM ]
Former Lankan cricket team caption and the former United National Party Avisawela organiser Hashan Tilakaratne decided to support President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the media briefing in Colombo this evening. [More]
United National Party’s Sabaragamuwa PC member sentenced to death
[ Thursday, 11 December 2014, 04:35.39 PM ]
United National Party’s Sabaragamuwa PC member Hasitha Muhandiram was sentenced to death on Thursday after being found guilty of killing two persons. [More]
Large crowd gathered to support Maithri at Kandy in Kalkuda
[ Thursday, 11 December 2014, 02:55.59 PM ] []
Large crowd gathered in the meeting organized for Maithiripala Sirisena at the Kalkuda on Wednesday. [More]
UNP Kandy MC members joins the government
[ Thursday, 11 December 2014, 02:52.54 PM ] []
A group of United National Party Kandy Municipal Council (MC) members lead by S.Sivaganam joined the ruling party yesterday. [More]
First set of Tamil military recruits passed out
[ Thursday, 11 December 2014, 01:37.59 PM ] []
Passing out ceremony of the first set of military personals attached to 23rd division of Lankan army held in the Poonaale headquarters last afternoon. [More]
Army should return back lands to Northern people: Minister Vasudeva
[ Thursday, 11 December 2014, 01:34.39 PM ]
Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara requested government to return back Tamils lands to owned by military personals in North and hold discussions with TNA to establish democratic ruling in this country. [More]
Gamanpila's resignation never affect the party: Champika Ranawaka
[ Thursday, 11 December 2014, 01:30.35 PM ]
JHU General Secretary and ex-Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka commenting on the decision of party strongman Udaya Gammanpila to support government said‘He is a clever politician. [More]
President Rajapaksa's first rally at Anuradhapura
[ Thursday, 11 December 2014, 08:19.55 AM ]
President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s first political rally for the Presidential Election 2015 will be held in Anuradhapura, this afternoon. [More]
Uadaya Gamanpila re-joins the government
[ Thursday, 11 December 2014, 08:15.38 AM ]
General Secretary of the Jaathika Hela Urumaya and the Western Provincial Council member Udaya Gamanpila rejoins with the government. [More]
Tissa Has Been Sworn In As the Health Minister After His Political Crossover
[ Thursday, 11 December 2014, 07:00.32 AM ]
Tissa Attanayake the former General Secretary of the United National Party made his Political Crossover by joining with the ruling party government. Subsequent to his jumping, he has been sworn in as the Health Minister by the ruling party government of Srilanka and Tissa Attanayake has taken the oath of office as the Health Minister. [More]
More concerns over asylum seekers issue -AI
[ Thursday, 11 December 2014, 04:30.55 AM ]
The Australian government should cease forced returns of Sri Lankan asylum seekers until they are provided fair, thorough, and transparent processing of their protection claims, Amnesty International, the Human Rights Law Centre, and Human Rights Watch said today. [More]
BJP condemns the demo against President Rajapaksa
[ Thursday, 11 December 2014, 04:27.00 AM ]
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader L. Ganesan said that the refusal to meet and talk to the Sri Lankan President and at the same time, demanding a resolution of the Tamils’ issue was similar to asking a doctor to cure sick persons without seeing them, The Hindu reported. [More]
Immediate identification cards before the election
[ Thursday, 11 December 2014, 04:20.52 AM ]
The Department for Registration of Persons stated that they are working on an immediate project to ensure that everyone has their National Identity Card to partake in the voting procedure. [More]
87 Complaints of election violation
[ Thursday, 11 December 2014, 04:18.12 AM ]
CAFFE says 87 complaints filed regarding election violations related to presidential election. [More]
Wimal criticize of Maithiri's dress code
[ Thursday, 11 December 2014, 03:17.14 AM ] []
Minister Wimal Weerawansa criticizes the election tactics followed by the common opposition presidential candidate Maithiripala Sirisena. [More]
Aussie MP slams pro-LTTE views
[ Thursday, 11 December 2014, 02:59.31 AM ]
An Australian Member of Parliament has expressed outrage over a statement made in parliament by Senator Lee Rhiannon of the Greens on 26 November 2014 which, he says, demonstrates that one of the senators of parliament commemorated the brutal terrorist leader Prabhakaran, who not only killed innocent civilians but killed democratically elected politicians in Sri Lanka. [More]
“Journey for the freedom of Youths at Northern Province”: Military personals warns
[ Thursday, 11 December 2014, 02:47.50 AM ] []
Conference on “Journey for the freedom of Youths at Northern Province” commenced at the Weerasingham hall in Jaffna yesterday. [More]
Malsh Kumarathunga mistakenly visits opposition leader
[ Thursday, 11 December 2014, 02:42.12 AM ]
Malsha Kurmathunga, daughter of Minister Jeewan Kumarathunga has mistakenly entered in to the opposition leader’s office at Colombo last morning. [More]
Sambanthan rushes to New Delhi
[ Thursday, 11 December 2014, 02:36.58 AM ]
Tamil National Alliance parliamentarian R.Sambanthan visits New Delhi, to hold discussion on upcoming presidential election, Sinhala media reports. [More]
Complaint filed against police department at HRC
[ Wednesday, 10 December 2014, 03:07.03 PM ]
Complaint lodged against police department at the Human Rights Commission. [More]
Six alleged Lankan sex workers detained in Malaysia
[ Sunday, 21 December 2014, 06:02.30 AM ]
The Johor police in Malaysia have conducted 10,300 raids to tackle prostitution in the state and arrested 2,986 women including six Sri Lankan from January until now. [More]
MR rebukes Maithri’s manifesto
[ Sunday, 21 December 2014, 05:49.43 AM ] []
President Mahinda Rajapaksa today rebuked the election manifesto of common opposition Presidential candidate Maithripala Sirisena which promises change should the opposition win the January 8 Presidential election. [More]
Mahinda accuses against Maithri for trying to change Sri Lanka like Singapore
[ Saturday, 20 December 2014, 12:06.07 PM ]
The Singapore Administration methods are not suitable for Srilanka. But Maithripala Sirisena is trying to change the Srilanka administration into Singapore administration. [More]
Namal is Functioning Like a Vice President: Hirunika
[ Saturday, 20 December 2014, 11:10.08 AM ]
Hirunika Premachandra, yesterday, At Colombo while speaking at the Media meets for the Representatives of the Youth has said that Namal Rajapaksa, the Member of the Parliament and the son of the Srilankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has been acting and functioning like a Vice President of our country. [More]
Shirani Bandaranayake Will Be Reappointed As the Chief Justice! : Maithripala
[ Saturday, 20 December 2014, 10:33.12 AM ] []
The Common Presidential Candidate Maithripala Sirisena has said that after he gets elected as the President, he will be reappointing Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. [More]
At the President’s Batticaloa meetings only Sinhalese are more
[ Saturday, 20 December 2014, 06:40.14 AM ] []
At the President’s Meeting in Batticaloa District, only the majority of Sinhalese more in number were participated in it. [More]
Opinion differences upraised between government members
[ Friday, 19 December 2014, 02:37.01 PM ]
Opinion differences upraised between government members and Minister Basil Rajapaksa has left the country, where two more weeks for the presidential polls. [More]
Wife and children of sunmaster arrested at BIA
[ Friday, 19 December 2014, 12:43.14 PM ]
Three attempted to visit India was arrested while at the Katunayake International airport this morning. [More]
Channel-4 journalist Callum Macrae speaks to Lankasri FM
[ Tuesday, 31 December 2013, 02:18.19 AM ] []
Channel- 4 Film maker Callum Macrae responds to questions raised by the Lankasri FM political analyst team. [More]
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