Government keen to bring back journos
[ Tuesday, 28 April 2015, 06:13.55 AM ]
Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera said the government would take steps to bring back those journalists who fled the country to Nepal for safety in recent years, The Hindu newspaper reported. [More]
60 Percent Blame LTTE for War Time Abductions
[ Tuesday, 28 April 2015, 04:41.36 AM ]
Sixty percent of the people who had appeared before the Sri Lankan Presidential Commission on War Time Disappearances, blamed the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) for the disappearance of their kith and kin, panel Chairman, Retired Justice Maxwell Paranagama, told to media on Sunday. [More]
Gota's arrest order confirmed : Ranil attempts to stop
[ Tuesday, 28 April 2015, 02:46.43 AM ] []
Attorney General ordered CID officials to arrest five individuals including former defence secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa and produce them before the court. [More]
Enactment of 19A alike issuing death warrants to Sinhalese: Abayathissa Thero
[ Tuesday, 28 April 2015, 02:35.14 AM ]
Enactment of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution is alike issuing a death warrant to the Sinhalese, Venerable Medagoda Abayathissa Thero said during media press conference held at Peppiliyaana Suneththradevi Pirivena on last afternoon. [More]
Indian fishermen indulge in illegal acts in Lankan waters, says Coast Guard
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 03:33.12 PM ]
In a stand that may not go down well in Tamil Nadu, Coast Guard on Monday told the Madras High Court that Indian fishermen allegedly indulge in various illegal acts such as smuggling and trawling in Sri Lankan waters resulting in action by the island nation's navy. [More]
Eastern terminal of Colombo port opened today
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 03:16.02 PM ]
First stage of the eastern terminal of Colombo port declared opened today. [More]
Militant involved in SL cricket team attack in Lahore killed
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 02:24.51 PM ]
Three wanted Taliban terrorists, including one militant involved in the attack on Sri Lankan Cricket team in Lahore, were killed today by the Pakistan security forces during an operation near Lahore, officials said. [More]
FCID officials drills former state officials
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 01:13.12 PM ]
Financial Crime Investigation Division (FCID) officials questioned state services commission member Kanthi Wijeyathunga from 9.00 am – 1.00pm today, police media spokesman said. [More]
People protest to arrest murder suspect at Wadamarachchie
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 12:56.51 PM ] []
Funeral ceremony of Senthuran killed in the sward attack was taken place at Alwai, Wadamarachchie today. [More]
Failed to arrest suspect owned gun at president's meeting : Ruwan
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 12:28.57 PM ]
Police media spokesman ASP Ruwan Gunasekara announced CID officials currently carry out investigations over Namal Rajapaksa’s personal guard carried gun with his position towards meeting attend by President Maithripala Sirisena at Angunukolapelessa couple of days ago. [More]
School girls injured in accident
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 12:19.52 PM ] []
Two school girls injured in the commission reported at crossing line in Kottagake town this afternoon. [More]
Sobitha thero called off Satyagraha
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 12:03.13 PM ]
The Satyagraha of the National Movement for Social Justice which was scheduled to be held at Independence Square today was called off following the assurance given by President Maithripala Sirisena that the 19th Amendment to the Constitution would be enacted, movement leader Ven.Maduluwawe Sobitha thero said. [More]
19th Amendment will establish democracy in this island : Sambanthan
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 11:51.30 AM ]
Addressing the debate on 19th constitutional amendment Tamil National Alliance leader R.Sambanthan says this amendment will leads to establish democracy and good governance in the country. [More]
Journalists left the country will return home soon : Mangala Samaraweera
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 10:11.39 AM ]
The Minister of External Affairs Mangala Samaraweera says necessary steps would be taken to bring back journalist left to Nepal due to white van threatening. [More]
Stay Order on Full-face Helmets Extended
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 10:04.19 AM ]
The Court of Appeal extends the stay order issued on the ban on full face helmets until 19th of May. [More]
This was a historical moment : President briefs parliament
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 09:29.19 AM ]
This was a historical moment for me to present 19th constitutional amendment to the parliament, President Maithripala Sirisena said at the inauguration debate on 19th amendment at the parliament today. [More]
Nishantha Muthuhettigamage permitted to visit parliament
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 09:20.28 AM ]
Battdegama court grants special permission for parliamentarian Nishantha Muthuhettigamage to visit the parliament and participate in the debate on 19th amendment. [More]
BASL says “moves to dilute the provisions of the 19th Amendment”
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 09:07.00 AM ]
The Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) says that changes to the 19th Amendment to the Constitution seeking to have a majority of members of the Constitutional Council comprising of members of parliament, will dilute the independence of the Council. [More]
Number of leaders increased : Ven.Keppatiyagoda Sriwimala Nayaka thero
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 08:49.23 AM ] []
Chief Incumbent of the Kettambe Raajobhawanaramaya Ven.Keppatiyagoda Sriwimala Nayaka thero says number of leaders increased in this country. [More]
Case filed against BBS general secretary and 4 other clergies
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 08:14.02 AM ]
Case filed against Bodu Bala Sena General Secretary Galabode Aththe Ganasara thero and four other Buddhist clergies. [More]
Opposition recommends 8 new proposals to 19th Amendment
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 03:43.24 PM ]
An opposition political party today recommends 8 new proposals to 19th Amendment this evening. [More]
AG ordered to arrest Gotabaya and four others
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 03:40.00 PM ]
Attorney General today ordered CID officials to arrest former defence secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa and four others today. [More]
4 Killed in train accident at Ariviyalnagar, Kilinochchi
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 01:23.56 PM ] []
Four people were killed following an accident involving a train and a van in Ariviyalnagar,Kilinochchi this afternoon, the police media unit said. [More]
Protests on demanding to pass 19th Amendment
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 10:39.12 AM ] []
JVP currently stages protest on demanding to pass 19th constitutional amendment. [More]
End Sinhala Monopoly : Chandrika Kumaratunga
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 09:45.45 AM ]
The Former Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga said on Saturday, that the dismantling of Sinhala majoritarian politics, government structures and laws, is essential for the establishment of durable peace in Sri Lanka. [More]
Lankan Tamil youths killed in France collision
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 08:58.18 AM ] []
Two Lankan Tamils killed in the collision reported at A6 road in Leonine, France. [More]
Shiranthi : Yoshitha to be arrested
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 05:55.12 AM ]
Government has decided to arrest Shiranthi Rajapaksa and her son Yoshitha Rajapaksa within two- three days time period, English media reports. [More]
Lankan army and LTTE movement responsible for disappearances in SL : Presidential Commission
[ Monday, 27 April 2015, 04:46.13 AM ] []
Presidential Commission says SriLankan Army, LTTE including 4 different movements are responsible for the hundreds of persons disappeared during time of war in this country. [More]
(2nd Lead)
Wigneswaran urges SL State to respect international principle on resettlement
[ Monday, 23 March 2015, 04:45.51 PM ] []
“Unless Grama Sevaka Divisions 244 and 252 are released in full as promised earlier, what has been gingerly granted today would hardly be of any use to the few families now selected to enter their erstwhile denied lands,” Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran said in his address at Vazhalaay during the visit by SL President, Prime Minister and former President Chandrika Kumaratunga. [More]
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