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Army questioned young women about family members of LTTE leader: New evident on war crime
[ Sunday, 28 April 2013, 03:32.01 PM GMT +05:30 ]
Lankan government killed many Tamils during their 40 years of freedom struggle. Many tamil youths reported missing in the Tamil areas and their bodies were found in the road sides.

At present Tamil villages were turned down to Sinhala resettlement and historical sites in the country. Sinhalese killed thousands of Tamils in their motherland. Lankan government carried out two major genocide attacks such as Kokkatichcholai and Mulliwaikkaal.

Today Lankan government together with army completely destroyed the Tamil sites and willing to create Sinhala villages in the Tamil areas. At present Lankan government face critical pressure from the international community. Previously international community granted time period for Sinhala leaders to save them from the international pressures. However Lankan leaders fail to pay their attention this regard. They used this time period to destroy and evacuate entire Tamil community from their country.

Day to day we receive many new evident on war crimes committed by the Lankan army in Tamil areas on year 2009. This new evident on war crime allegations would help to pass US resolution against Lankan government at UN Human Rights Council in next March.

Lankan government strongly denies the photographs which brief the death of Balachandran (12), youngest son of LTTE leader Vellupillai Prabahakaran. Commenting on this issue former Army commander Sarath Fonseka said, his troops were unaware about the family members of LTTE leader and they never kill this young boy.

Lankan military personals have questioned about LTTE leaders family from former LTTE women carders surrendered to the Lankan army in the final stage of war in the country. Military personals have carried out individual and team investigations against these women.

They also provided cool drink for these women. At present we are unable to collect further investigations about these former female LTTE members. International should step forward to grant justice for Tamils in this country.

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